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Garrett's Marina Boat Storage / Harborside Storage prides itself by being the cleanest and most service oriented marine facility in the business. It is a highly efficient operation with the latest launching equipment, offering speedy response to customers needs, quality boater facilities and providing a safe and clean environment. Your day out boating on the Rappahannock starts off with a short phone call - see video

Services that boaters expect are ever present at Harborside Storage including a fully stocked ship's store with all those boat, engine and fishing items to make your trip out on the river pleasant and worry-free. Customer service includes fully staffed highly trained launching staff and on the spot management to answer your questions and concerns, as well as keep you up to date on the latest fishing spots and weather outlook. While you are driving down to the marina, Harborside staff carefully remove your boat from the rack and place it in the water awaiting your arrival - see video

Upon request your boat can be moored alongside the fuel dock making refuelling convenient, just a step away from the car park, ready for your river adventure, fishing trip or Rappahannock or Bay expedition. We sell mid-grade, non-ethanol fuel which is recommended by boat engine manufacturers. On your return, the staff take charge of your craft and wash it down before returning it to the storage racks. Clean and modern bathrooms, complete with showers, are available before your trip back to the city.

Boat problems can be usually taken care of in the same facility by Garrett's Marina sales and service shop located adjacent to one of the storage sheds. Trained and certified mechanics can take care of most repairs, install additional equipment and service your boat by having the boat removed from the rack during the work week, serviced, and returned to await your next visit to Garrett's Marina Boat Storage / Harborside Storage.


Check our competitive pricing on our storage rate page and please email us for availability or call 804-443-0190. Important: please be sure to specify your preferred storage type, boat length and engine type.

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Garrett's Marina Boat Storage / Harborside Storage on the Rapppahannock River and Chesapeake Bay at Buoy 19
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